Surgery & Procedures

S.T.Stead is a dedicated professional and caring practice, we are commited in providing quality and cost-effective treatment for your pet.

Our vets are highly skilled in a variety of operations from general surgery to more complex procedures, such as orthopaedic and emergency surgery.

They are also experienced in Hernia repair, Cherry Eye removal and entropion surgery.

Please feel free to contact reception or the vet to discuss more with your pets surgery requirments and treatment.

All surgery would be discussed and agreed beforehand and our team are fully trained in providing you with the best pre and post operative care.

Your pet is in the care of highly trained staff and are monitor throughout surgery and through recovery. Our nurses will contact you when your pet is out of surgery with an update and will notify you when they are ready to be collected, all patients are usually discharged the same day.

We ensure our surgery is equipped with state of the art facilities, such as laser and ligasure to help give your pet the best care throughtout and to ensure a rapid recovery.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is known to provide a safer, more comfortable treatment for your pet. In many procrdures, the laser can replace the use of a scalpel and provide a better alternative to traditional surgery. Tim Stead introduced this type of surgery after completing a course in Colorado, America.

We currently have two Laser – based systems and believe this helps speed up a better and quicker recovery time for your pet, using Laser Surgery has proven to cause less pain, bleeding and swelling.


The laser can remove unhealthy tissue, while minimising adverse effects to healthy surrounding tissue.

Less Pain

The laser seals the nerve endings as it ‘cuts’ and as a result of this, you pet will expereince less pain and be more comfortable after the surgical procedure.

Less Bleeding

As the laser cuts it will seal the small blood vessels, which will speed up the procedure and reduce the time your pet is under anaesthetic, which in turn reduces any possible complications and risks.

Less Swelling

Laser energy is proven not to crush, tear or bruise the tissue, as it is controlled by an invisible beam of light, which will help reduce any swelling.

What does this mean for my pet?

With using the Laser, this means it will reduce risk of infection and help your pet recover more quickly after surgery.

Reduced Risk of Infection – As the Laser removes the diseased tissue, it will seal the skin to prevent and reduce the amount of bacteria present. As a result of this, it will help your pet recovery after the procedure.

Quick Return to Health – Healing is rapid and therefore there is less post-operative discomfort and a quicker recovery time.


Ligasure technology is used as it seals vessels within seconds, it is 99% reliable and it combines all of the essential elements of surgery: grasping, sealing and cutting.

We mostly use Ligasure in our general surgery, including bitch spays and castrations or where it may be required such as eye surgery. As it helps manage costs by significantly reducing the procedure and recovery time.

For any other advice or to ask a question regarding your pets surgery needs or treatment, please contact on reception team.

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