Pet Insurance

We recommend to consider the importance of pet insurance to cover the costs of any unexpected veterinary treatment or surgery, should your pet become ill or injured.

We also recommend to get your pets insured, as soon as possible. The younger they are when you insure them the better, as you are less likely to have any existing conditions or medications, which may not be covered by your insurance policy.

When you are insuring your pet, it is important to choose the correct policy and not all pet insurance is the same. There are many different types and levels of cover provided, which can have implications towards the costs of your pets veterinary care.

Here are the main four types of policy:

  • Accident – Provides cover for accidents only and no cover for illness
  • Time-Limited – Provides cover for a set amount of time, which is usually 12 months, after this the condition is excluded.
  • Maximum Benefit – Provides cover up to a maximum amount of money per condition and once this limit is reached the condition is excluded.
  • Lifetime cover – Provides a set amount of money each year, which is refreshed each time you renew your policy allowing you to continue to claim for ongoing conditions.

Always compare the overal value of the insurance policy and not just the cost.

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