End of Life

As a practice and pet owners ourselves, we know how sad and difficult it is, when your pet comes to the end of their life and we understand how painful it can be to make the decision to have your pet euthanised.

Everyone will cope with the grief of their pet diffierently and our staff will listen with compassion and patience to discuss and guide you through the process in a sensitive and humane manner.

As difficult the decision can be, in certain circumstance, it is the kindest option available to prevent your pet from suffering. We will also consider their quality of life, therefore we may also advise euthanasia.

Once you and the vet have decided on euthanasia, you will be asked to sign a consent form, we will also ask what you would like to do with your pets body afterwards.

Such as a home burial, communal cremation or private cremation (or ashes return)

In the Appointment

Once your pet is comfortable, the vet will give an injection, usually into the vein of their front leg, the injection is an overdose of anaesthetic drug. It will act very quickly and will be a painless injection, their breathing and heart rate will slow down and then stop altogether, gasping or muscle tremors may occasionally occur.

You and close relatives will be able to stay with your pet throughout and we will give you plenty of time afterwards to say goodbye.

We use PCS – Pet cremation services for all communal and private cremations.
All eutanasia and cremation charges will depend on the weight of your pet, please phone reception to request a price.

Please note, there may be an additional consultation charge of £50.00.

Blue Cross Clients

All consultations, euthanaisa and communal cremation prices are covered by your Blue Cross and you will only be asked to provide a contribution towards the cost.

Although, you will need to pay full cost for private cremation to have your pets ashes returned to you.

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