Blood Analysis

Blood Tests

Rapid blood tests, urine tests and microscopic examinations are available from our practice, within our high tech, in house laboratory.

We have several In house Laboratories, such as:

AIA 360 – Progestrone Analyser

The AIA 360 is used for T4 (Thyroid testing) Cortisol, ACTH and pogrestrone testing. We are able to gather all results within half an hour.

Eurolyser Solo

This is a efficient machine and can give results in minutes, we use this machine for tests such as, CRP, canine progestrone testing, SAA and T4.

Insight V3 Plus

This is a automated, multi-species, 3 part differential haematology analyser, which can print results within 60 seconds for both feline and canine testing.

I-Smart 30 vet Electrolyte Analyser – Isens

This is a state of the art Electrolyte Analyser and is able to accurately perform electrolyte analysis quickly, within 35 seconds of testing.

We are able to run both feline and canine measured electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, chloride and Ionised Calcium.

Vcheck V200 Analyser

A fully quantitative point of care analyser, which helps achieve true analysis with fluorescence analysis for both canine and feline, test results are printed within minutes.

Canine tests include: cPL, T4, CRP, Cortisol & Progesterone testing.

Feline tests include: T4, fPL and SAA testing.

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