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Welcome to ST Stead Veterinary Surgeries

ST Stead the veterinary clinic was established in 1985 by Tim Stead who is not just an experienced surgeon, but an animal lover too. The surgery has, over the years, built a solid reputation locally, offering all pet owners a wealth of veterinarian knowledge and experience. St Stead clinic is one of the smallest Yorkshire. Known as the local vet in York who cares about you and your pet he runs as a small friendly practice which alows Tim Stead to get to know your pet. Our practice has grown over the years from an initial staff of three, the clinic now has two qualified vets, and seven nursing assistants. Our pet services also include an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment and technology dedicated to offering the best pet care to our patients. 

ST Stead vets has been advising all types of animal owners from around the area and including parts of the country with up to date vital health information and all dietary needs. St Stead can now share health tips with you on the web, you don't have to be a online member to pick the vets ideas!

Our operating theatre where all the animal operation is carried out is fully equipped with Ultra-Sound, Video Endoscope, Operating Microscope, two Diathermy systems, Ventilator and two separate Laser-based systems for our surgeons to use. Laser surgery is found in most NHS Hospitals and all the equipment can be found under one roof. We offer these facilities because they help to ensure that any surgical procedure on your pet is carried out with high accuracy, less pain, less bleeding and swelling... which all adds up to a faster recovery time and a happier pet.

Visit us on Facebook!All of our vet staff are keen pet owners  - many are pet rescue animals, abandoned over the years and have now been provided with a better home and the love and care that all pets need for a healthy, enjoyable life.

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Working With...

PDSA - For Pets in need of Vets
Petplan - The Pet People

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2 Plantation Drive
Acomb, York
North Yorkshire
YO26 6AG

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01904 782033

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